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March 01, 2015

What is This Course All About

Learn how to copy step-by-step exactly what I do to generate 4 & 5 figure checks thru real estate without ever owning it.

This training will center on the area of both commercial NPN’s and Commercial REO’s.

I will focus on teaching you how to find product at the institutional level and buying it for your own portfolio OR simply trading it directly to a private equity fund or secondary buyer for a profit.

2 Ways to Prosper From This Training

The First Way Is:

To buy and hold all the commercial deals that you find and build up a large investment portiffilo.  I will show you how and where to get the money to purchase the property and Non-performing commercial notes.

The Second Way Is:

If you are looking to just make some quick cash then finding and flipping a commercial note to a buy/hold investor is the best way to make a quick return for your efforts.  I will show you how and where to find and create an endless list of deals and buyers to work with, all you have to do is apply what I will show you.

Deals in one hand – Buyers in the other.

What Will I Get

You receive everything you need in this complete How to Rob Banks Legally Commercial Pro 4.0 Training System - derived from Troy’s very own live deals and capital players. 

The course is a 5 Part Webinar with Thousands of Dollars Worth of bonus material to help you Jump Start and SUCCEED in this business. The only thing you have to do is APPLY it.

Module One:

Will cover how to find an ENDLESS supply of commercial REO’s and Commercial 1st Lien NPN’s to invest in and use to build a your own 7 figure Commercial Real Estate company.

Module Two:

Will cover how to analyze a deal just like a Hedge Fund manager would and how to format it for MAXIMUM profits, using my very own PRIVATE SOFTWARE  that I ONLY give to HTRBL 4.0 students. You better know the numbers on a deal, otherwise don’t buy it.

Module Three:

It’s all about the money, so I am going to pull back the cover and show you in LIVE time how to find and do business with Private Equity funds and Hedge Funds as both end Buyers and long term JV relationships.

Knowing how to create these types of relationships and who to work with will be links having your own personal banker in your back pocket.

Module Four:

How to underwrite Commercial NPN’s from banks and sellers so that you learn to speak their language and so you know the top 5 questions you should ask on every deal – If you don’t it will Bankrupt your company.

Module Five:

Bonus Material! Find out how to get a deal to closing and get it funded quickly.


“Thank You Troy ”

I wanted to let you know that I just closed my 1st NPN deal on a small shopping center located in LA. I did exactly what you told me to and the buyer paid me a fee of $39,750.00 for helping him find the deal – This is going to be a total life changer for me.

John W. from NY


My 1st 47 days in the business!!!!

The model Troy has set up helped me to get my 1st commercial NPN Apartment deal closed and receive a payday of $48,425.00 in my 1st 47 days in the business. This is a powerful training. There are dynamics here and lessons learned that you will never find anywhere – not even in a book. Thank you once again Troy….

 –Mike A. from Chicago, IL


It Worked!

I did what you said to do and I was able to find a deal and flip it 7 days later for a quick $22,000. Now I am off to do my next deal in less than three weeks.  Thank you Troy….

 –Jon E. from Los Angeles, CA.

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If for whatever reason you don’t feel that this course was worth 10 times your investment, simply let me know within 30 days of ordering and I’ll issue you a full refund.


Close your first deal using my training and send me a testimonial and I will refund you the price of the training on the spot. You get to keep the money you made and the training material.

Two Great Guarantees that protect you and your investment!

Best of Success,

Troy Fullwood

P.S. – Remember, it’s “in your moments of decision your destiny is created”. I have some disturbing news… it’s in your moments of INDECISION your destiny is lost.

Will you let a $797 decision keep you from the Destiny you deserve? I hope not.

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